Alan Flyng

Alan Flyng

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

ASFA Convention, 2eme edition. 3/4 May, 2014 at Amelie les Bains, South of France.

With my previous run-up discourse, I said how much I was looking forward to this show and, believe me, I was not disappointed in the least!!!

Robert Pujade, the one-man whirling dervish of an organiser, tech-man, fundraiser, show compere and most congenial of hosts, brought together an excellent weekend of entertainments, exhibitors, vendors, vehicles and us - the invited signers. Pam Rose and I flew down to Perpignan on the Wednesday before the show and were joined the day after by Andy Herd and Claudia Wells. Claudia had come over from the U.S.A for the show and we were very soon a family of friends, albeit a bear family in Claudia's eyes. Pam was Momma Bear, I was Daddy Bear, Andy was Brother Bear and Claudia (the youngest) was Baby Bear!!!

Amelie is not a big town and we were soon recognised everywhere we went, especially as Claudia is gifted with a complete openness to strangers, who tended to view her and us (hanging back and grinning ear-to-ear at the confrontation of Old World France with New World America) as very strange fellows indeed! I think I agree with them!!! LOL.

Pam and Andy at 'our' cafe in the town center. Pam had bought the lily of the valley
for her room at the hotel. The gypsy sellers were astounded that she took all they
had off them and initially thought she was trying to steal it! LOL

A mosaic encrusted end wall facing 'our' cafe depicting the town plan pictorially.
One of our all-time favourite pastimes was 'people watching'. Nothing gives you a better flavour of a place than the people in it. I think many of the residents viewed us with as much curiosity!

Pam on the bridge over the river dividing the town in two.

A view across the river.

Andy found his own to-scale palm tree all to himself!

L'Espace Mediterranee - otherwise known as 'the venue'.

View from my hotel window of a rather lovely terraced room opposite.

Pam and Claudia experiencing the famous wind, Le Tramontane.

Standing (and seated) by for the beginning of Day One.

My second visitor of the day - a one-footed Pied Wagtail! Kept me amused for all of 30 seconds! :)

Extraordinary art from the artist who drew the poster for the show.

Beautifully detailed figures.

Amazing detailed work!!!

Star Wars figures belonging to Janick Cazaubon - Lady Vador.

One of the two - yes! TWO - Deloreans on show!

More extraordinary figures.

One of a collection of extreme toilet seats - it takes all sorts, you know!

A very charming drawing from Janick Cazaubon - Lady Vador.

The sun came out and the river became a magnet!

Mountains in the distance.

The river looking upstream

Claudia looking mischievous!!!.

Whilst Andy catches up on the internet, Pam and Claudia indulge in a baguette!

As you can see, there was plenty to see and do and we were blessed with a few days downtime to get about and see something of the town. Andy, Pam and Claudia even went to the Spa, founded in Roman times and experienced some of the treatments. I cried off due to my knee preventing me from walking too much

Claudia gets her own back!

Pam in the market place with her tablet

One of the beautiful original houses in the Place de la Republic.

The vegetable market.

Momma Bear gets a cuddle from Baby Bear!

I can honestly say we had a lovely time and there are copious photos on Facebook of the event, which I will not reproduce here. Claudia was a breath of fresh air and great fun to be with! I look forward to meeting up again in Peterborough later in the year.

On the drive back to Perpignan and the airport for the flight
home. Farewell Pyrenees and farewell Amelie!!!

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