Alan Flyng

Alan Flyng

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Timeless Collectors' TV, Film,Toy and Collectors' Fair, Totton, Nr. Southampton.

It is that pre-festive time of year again, when we make our way down towards the South Coast and attend the Timeless Collectors' TV, Film, and Toy Collectors' Fair, organised by Chris Tarrant and friends.

The event was this year being held in The Conservative Club, Totton in aid of Clic Sargent South Region and, with the exception of Derek Lyons, Colin Baker and Ted Western having to cancel, featured the guests pictured above (Andrew Lawden replacing Derek Lyons). As usual, Pam Rose and I drove down together to share each other's company and stop me from drifting off to sleep on the way home!!! The journey in both directions was characterised by thick fog, but it didn't hold us up at all. Pam is such fun to be with! We are always cackling like demented idiots together and hardly notice the time spent driving.

We arrived around 9 AM and set ourselves up after a lovely welcome from all present - like a family reunion! Richard LeParmentier sat between us and was really entertaining all day and a real showman for the visitors! Another joy was to be with Rusty Goffe again, who's droll and sometimes quite acerbic humour cut through the din of the crowd and endlessly made me chuckle! Michael Henbury and Brian Wheeler were also in very good spirits and had a good day, I think. Andrew Lawden got a taste of a really nice, friendly show with a lovely atmosphere - so different from others we have attended together!

Pam and adorable Ewok with Richard LeParmentier looking on.

Richard enjoying himself immensely.

Andrew Lawden signing for a Dutch fan - Ettore Holle.

The irrepressible Rusty Goffe!

Brian Wheeler - a very charming and friendly gentleman.

Michael Henbury - Britain's smallest man - with his son. There is nothing small about this actor's heart!

John Chapman was also present with a fantastic stand and display, selling his innovative and popular children's books about the adventures of Jonnie Rocket. The kids were obviously taken with them and I hope they continue to bring joy to more and mote children!

John Chapman, the author of Jonnie Rocket.

Another bonus was meeting up with troopers from The Dorset Troopers, Southern Troopers and other costumers I have become friends with. The visitors had a very good show of costumes to admire and the children, though loud :), had a great time (which is what it's all about for me!).

Pictured with members of the excellent Dorset Troopers.
As usual, I took HM The Queen with me to weave her magic spell on the table (and attempt to get another morsel of extra value for my tax pound out of her). Everyone laughs when they see the figure, but it cuts the shyness of children and makes the adults laugh automatically. Thanks Liz!!!

HM The Queen, Dave Oldbury and me!
So, my thanks go out again to Chris Tarrant and his remarkable team for the splendid show and friendly welcome given, not only to us, but to the visitors who streamed constantly though the doors, thanks to the exhaustive preparation and effort to promote this highly enjoyable event! We all look forward to the next! :)

Carol Streak with Britain's Got Talent's, Stu Arnold - the Entertainernator!