Alan Flyng

Alan Flyng

Monday, 2 July 2012

STONE FETE 1 July 2012 with the Iconic Legion supporting Vader's Lost

Stone Fete in conjunction with Cherished Memories and Vader's Lost and Iconic Legion
Pam Rose and I had the greatest pleasure to be asked by Steve Smith of Vader's Lost and Iconic Legion to attend this event in Stone, near Dartford Kent. The weather was a typical English affair - mid-summer rain, cloud, and occasional sun, but it made no difference to the day, with a great turnout locally and all for a great cause - Cherished Memories  run by the irrepressible Suzette Abbott!

Ahh! The loneliness of the long-distance Jawa! lol.
 Young Tom Anderson heads out to do his worst! :)

We had a good turnout of costumers, all ready (even though more then a couple had just completed night shifts!) to get out there and mix with the crowds to collect as much as we could. The hero of the piece for me was Tom Anderson, the most junior of our troop, dressed as a Jawa. Tom is a great lad with a heart of gold and unending energy! Even in the pouring rain he was still out there collecting in his bucket!

The brochure of the charity, Cherished Memories.
The event got underway with an announcement from the music stage, onto which Pam, Clare Robson of the Iconic Legion and myself made little speeches of welcome and gave an explanation of what we were collecting for. Our trooping fellows lined up in front of us and, as they were introduced by Clare, were 'marked by Dale Who, a very mischievous Doctor Who, with his inflatable hammer! :)

Dale lends his unique touch to introductions!
As the day progressed, the cloud base descended, but we carried on collecting - especially Pam, whose style of charm/threat illicited a goodly bucket-load of change and notes! Pam has a way with words and some of them are quite surprising! :)

Pam and Adam Leishman as the ever popular Cyberman
On the Cherished Memories stall, I joined Suzette Abbott and her volunteers as they attracted a constant stream of people to the tombola. I was there to encourage the public to participate and provided signed photos to those that spent a lot. Even the Lady Mayor came and got the bit between her teeth..and won a prize! The local scout troops were there in numbers and I have seldom met so many well-behaved and polite children in the atmosphere of a fairground!

Dr Who, the Cyberman and Darth Vader provide an intriguing opening shot for a fantasy episode!

The collecting bucket...
In the end, the weather got the better of us, but not before we had raised in the region of £1,000!!! So, a heartfelt vote of thanks to all attending and to the people of Stone and Dartford, who turned out in such numbers!

The wonderful members of Iconic Legion and Vader's Lost - find them on Facebook!