Alan Flyng

Alan Flyng

Monday, 11 June 2012

TIMELESS COLLECTORS - Film, TV and Toy Collection Extravaganza!

I was absolutely delighted to be asked again to this event by Chris Tarrant and his great team, in the company of the wonderful Pam Rose. Every time we have attended Chris's events we have had a splendid experience and shared the signing task with great co-guests! This time was no exception!!!

This time, Rusty Goffe and Derek Lyons were absent from the event, but Ted Western made an appearance in their stead and delighted the crowds. Also attending, but purely as a member of the public, was Alan Harris, who played Bossk the Bounty Hunter! He had come to deliver something to Pam Rose and was recognised by quite a few people. As always, he was very generous and signed a few items when requested. He also asked to meet one of the Dorset Troopers attending in character - Paul Robbins - who was dressed in the costume of another Bounty Hunter - Dengar. Below is a picture of their meeting and I can tell you Paul was bowled over to have been sought out by Alan for a chat! :)
Charity caricature of guests by Tim Dowler
Alan Harris with Paul Robbins

Like the idiot I can often show myself up as being (I said it first LOL) I forgot my lovely camera and so resorted to taking a few pics with the phone. Not quite as good, but identifiable! It was great to see how many from the Dorset Troopers turned out for this event. Below is a group photo...

It was also great meeting up with old friends who come every time to support this event and I felt happy that so many came up to say hello again! Such friendly people! Must be the water LOL!!!!

Pam and birthday boy, Dave Oldbury in his Octopus hat :)

Alan Harris with Bobba Fett (Jason Deakin) and Dengar (Paul Robbins).

Pam, Ted Western, Brian Wheeler (back to camera) and John Coppinger beyond.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone involved with the day for their kindness and consideration all round! Here's to the next one!!!