Alan Flyng

Alan Flyng

Sunday, 17 April 2011

1st Charity Sci-Fi, FIlm, TV and Comic Event, Alfreton, Derbyshire

A new show, presented by Mark Busby of MPGBE Entertainments - 1st Charity Sci-Fi, FIlm, TV and Comic Event - was held on the 16th April at Alfreton Grange Arts College, Grange Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7JA. Tickets were available from  and on the door.

I cannot commend more highly Mark and his team's hard work to try and bring an attractive and worthwhile show to the circuit in aid exclusively of charities. He had tirelessly worked to get as much publicity as possible and done everything right, but it still was not well attended. Due mainly to the lack of footfall in the immediate neighbourhood and visible signs from the center of town to direct the public in, it failed due to these minor points. The actual venue - a gymnasium within an Arts College - was perfect for a first event of this kind. As it happened, barely a trickle of visitors attended and basic expenses were not covered by takings. This leaves Mark in the unenviable position of owing a substantial amount to those who travelled to attend, in spite of having found all accomodations at very good deals and in some situations free as charity donations. I know that Mark, although truly gutted with the result, is philosophical enough to see the lessons learnt from this experience will make him stronger and better prepared next time.

I am certain that this event and organiser will do great things in the future and he will certainly be able to count on my unstinting support and that of other guests attending for future events!
More power to your elbow Mark!

Group photo of guests attending the 1st Charity Sci-Fi, TV and Comic Event, 16th April 2011